Friday, August 14, 2015

Day Trading Cab Drivers are No Longer Enough

Some of us (sadly) are old enough to remember the Internet Boom.  I recall vividly the stories of cab drivers day trading behind the steering wheel.  All were making millions, of course.

The word "Boom" was shortly thereafter replaced by "Bubble". This stock market game is easy.  No analysis required.  As if on cue, the media is on the hunt for the everyman financial genius.

Cab drivers are passe these days. It's all Uber, now, you know! But all of them are in hiding, so our intrepid reporters have thrown a somewhat wider net.

The new center of the financial universe is PRISON.  A murderer picking stocks from the "C Block"?  That's the stuff that builds journalism careers!

What a shock that the "Oracle" loves Twitter and Facebook...  He IS a genius!

History rhymes (again).

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