Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Lexmark Update

On June 11th, I posted an article on Lexmark entitled "Lexmark - Target or Toast?"

The stock is up nearly 15% in the interim.

Today I saw an article by Fortune posted at CNNMoney.com entitled "Remember Lexmark? The printer underdog is still fighting"

The article is worth reading, but more importantly, perhaps the idea is catching on!

Bernstein Research analyst A.M. Sacconaghi is referenced in the article with a $25 price target on LXK. Mine isn't quite this aggressive, but I'll take it!


  1. Read your earlier article on Lexmark as well. Here is my gut feel and why i am staying away. The patience will be rewarded but severely tested and in the meanwhile, the stock won't go anywhere. All the return will be compressed in that one event which might be years out - similar to what happened with Sun Micro.

  2. But the stock is moving. And Sun was not consistently profitable.