Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Government Motors

Our government isn't the only one getting involved in the auto business. Libya didn't want to be left out of all the fun.

In a move that Obama may envy, Qaddafi himself has designed a car, or should I say THE car. It's called the Libyan Rocket. Take a look, here's the link. Mohammar is so proud of his creation that a factory is being built to turn out these gems very soon. Get in line! Don't we have some spare US-based dealers looking for a new brand to carry?

By the looks of this thing, it's obvious nobody told Qaddafi never to trust a market survey of one. Look out Volvo, safety was the primary design goal of the Libyan Rocket! The BBC called it "surprisingly sleek and stylish". You can't make this stuff up.

If you ever needed proof that central planning doesn't work, politicians believe their genius has no bounds, Qaddafi is nuts, and the free market is your friend, this is it.

Hey, look on the bright side, we've found common ground with the Libyans. Ugh.

Sadly, Qaddafi Motors will probably make a profit. "You will buy this car, or else."

Eat your heart out GM.

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